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Munich Massacre Memorial: A new site – westlicher Lindenhügel

Siegerentwurf des Büros Brückner & Brückner Architekten

Stephan Gräbner, Brückner & Brückner Architekten

In 2015, the site for the Munich Massacre Memorial ´72 was moved to a new location. Following protests by residents of the Olympisches Dorf (Olympic Village Munich) against the original plan to set up the memorial – at a ridge north of Kolehmainenweg –, an agreement was reached to relocate it to the other side of Kolehmainenweg – on the western side of Lindenhügel.

Immediately after the presentation of the winning design for the Olympic Memorial Massacre ´72, objections from different resident groups in the Olympic Village were lodged against the design architecture itself and the site of the location, on the grounds that it would destroy a popular sledging hill.
In response to the protests, the Bavarian State Minister of Education and Cultur Affairs, Mr. Spaenle, instructed the Bavarian State Center for Civic Education to ascertain whether there was the possibility of identifying another site, on which the basic elements of the adopted concept could still be actualized. After engaging the residents in dialogue, an agreement was reached to relocate the memorial to a new site on the western side of Lindenhügel.

The new location provides the additional possibility of establishing a conceptually-based vantage point with a view to the historic sites – the apartments on Connollystraße, the media wall on the hill, the Fritz-Koenig monument, the stadium, the tower and the Olympic Village. The popular sledging hill as well as the student hill – which had for a while also come under discussion but was rejected as well – will thereby remain unaffected.

For the architects Brückner & Brückner, who had emerged as the winner of the competition, this means that the original design will have to be further enhanced to fit the structure of the new location on the western side of Lindenhügel. A moderated workshop with representatives of the residents of the Olympic Village is scheduled to be held on 14th April. During the workshop, the participants will get the opportunity to participate in optimizing certain aspects of the new architectural design to be presented then.

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