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Munich Massacre Memorial: Thematic Concept


Yossef Romano with daughter (Photo: Privately owned)  

The biographies of the twelve victims provide the central narrative of the planned exhibition. The memorial site aims to give a human face to the victims of the tragedy.

The exhibition portrays the lives of the eleven athletes before they died at the hands of the terrorists. It would become apparent to the visitors that the terrorist attack destroyed the biographies of people who - in their normality, personal hopes and plans - basically represented what it is to be human. On the other hand, these athletes were also a reflection of the cultural diversity of the Israeli society. Thus, whoever becomes acquainted with their biographies gains an understanding of the pluralistic character of the Israeli society.

The Munich Massacre Memorial will also present the timeline of the terrorist attack as well as include additional concepts related to the massacre of 5-6 September 1972: The German-Israel relations, the basic structure of international terrorism, the aftermath of the terrorist attack and especially the political dimension of the Olympic Games.

“Die Heiteren Spiele” (or “the cheerful games”) in Munich - which was supposed to showcase to the world a new democratic Germany and whose tangible expression can be found today in the groundbreaking architecture of the Olympic Village and the Park - were a counter-image to the deadly attack carried out by the terrorists.

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